Commissioners and Committees



Executive Committee

  • Chair – Dr. Ana Maria Caballero Schwartz
  • Vice Chair – Elizabeth Alex
  • Secretary – Santiago Solis
  • Treasurer – Flor Giusti
  • Member at Large – Lourdes Montes Greenan


The Baltimore City Hispanic Commission has created several Sub-Committees that focus on areas pertaining to the Hispanic/Latino community. The Sub-Committees are as follows: 

  • Education – This Sub-Committee focuses on immigrant Hispanic/Latino children and their special needs as well as the learning needs in general for Hispanic students in the City. They also work with college students and libraries. 
  • Health and Medical Services – This Sub-Committee works as the central source for health-related information in Baltimore City. It studies the needs of current access to services for Hispanics/Latinos and focuses on medical services, mental health services, health status in the community, and senior programs. 
  • Legislation – This Sub-Committee reviews current programs and legislations that they consider necessary and proper. It evaluates the impact of existing and proposed policies, programs, and legislation. It also evaluates state and national legislation that impact the community. 
  • Economic Development – This Sub-Committee reviews and monitors conditions of Hispanics/Latinos in the workforce and directs attention to the problems that they face. It provides Hispanics with workforce training opportunities and support for local businesses. The Economic Development Sub-Committee works with the wage commission as well. 
  • Cultural Development/ Promotion – This Sub-Committee focuses on the integration of the Hispanic/Latino and the non-Hispanic communities by having the Hispanic/Latino presence in City-sponsored events with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information of the Hispanic/Latino culture. 
  • Public Safety – This subcommittee's goal is to improve the trust and participation of the Hispanic/Latino community with local law enforcement to improve public safety and consequently reduce the incidence of Hispanic/Latino victims of crime. 
  • Housing –This Sub-Committee helps educate the community on rentals and home-buying. It concentrates on responsibilities for residents and community action centers.